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It's the living curriulum that transforms hearts and minds

We are Walking the Journey
with Educators

EdFellowship in Action

Why We Are

Our mission is to encourage educators in their calling and in their faith, helping them sustain a joy in life and leadership

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Who We Are

We're a friend to educators, providing support and experiences that enable authentic growth & relationships

EdFellowship in Action

What We Do

We create opportunities for dialogue about the work of educators and to explore the deeper questions of life

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Educators Fellowship is committed to encouraging those who work in schools and connecting more educators with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We rely on financial support from people like you who care about educators and want to be part of such a life-changing ministry.

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Educators Fellowship is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Changing the World of Educators

Welcome to Ed Fellowship!

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Educators matter. Big Time!

They change lives every day, and we desperately need educators who have the capacity to love and inspire their students.

That's why we're so committed to building relationships and encouraging those who serve in education organizations at all levels: administrators, teachers, staff, counselors, and other roles. 

Our mission is to encourage educators, inspiring a personal, intelligent faith that transforms lives. We share messages, materials, and gatherings to provide friendships and spiritual guidance to educators in public and private schools who desire a more purposeful life.

The influence of educators is eternal, and we're walking with them on their journey.

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Scott Barron, Executive Director of EdFellowship

Scott Barron

Executive Director

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